Post Construction Cleaning

Your newly constructed building is most likely your most important asset, an asset where your valuable hard work and planning has been spent on. When the construction is finally complete, a complete cleanup is a very important task.

When you choose a post-construction cleaning service, there are several factors to consider. You’ll want to make sure they have the special knowledge and experience as well as appropriate products and equipment to clean precious, high-end materials. Some post- construction cleaning companies use abrasive, generic cleaners that contain acids and other chemicals that can etch and degrade marble, glass, and other fine surfaces where replacement costs can be significant if damaged. When you choose Bezan General Cleaning Services, you are assured that every material is cleaned safely using only the finest and safest cleaning products by a skilled team. We specialize in construction detail cleaning and have the experience and knowledge for all types of construction site projects, large or small. We endeavor to keep your facility clean of debris, hazardous material, or other post construction messes so that you can prepare your business for normal operation! We have the resources to clean a mess and leave your business looking spotless