Bezan General Cleaning Service is committed to the protection from accidental or loss of all its resources, including employees and physical assets. In fulfilling this commitment, our company uses appropriate personal protective equipments including but not limited to helmets, hand protection gloves, Protective eyewear, respirators and work boots. All our employees are trained for safe work practices and procedures before commencing work.

Not only that; Bezan believes in Green cleaning a cleaning method that avoids the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals and products which are harmful to the health of the people who are using it or to the people who work or live within the building or establishment that is being cleaned. Therefore at Bezan we always strive to use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the client’s staff, for our employees and the environment as a whole!

In situations where accidents occur beyond our control; our team are trained to give first aid to the person suffering a sudden illness or injury to prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.