Window Cleaning

The window / Facade of a building is exposed to the ravages of the environment and weather, such as mud, rain, dust, dirt, air pollution, biological growth etc. This creates dirty runoff marks on the building and in the long run, can cause irremovable staining in the building which decreases the longevity of building material and degrades property value.

Façade and window cleaning not only help extend the life and beauty of your building but also presents a more hospitable front. Using our professional Window cleaning services is the most effective way to make your building sparkle like bright. We at Bezan believe that window cleaning should be done at least once a year and highly recommend our clients to make it biannual (twice a year).
We take due care while façade cleaning to completely remove the destructive pollutants and any other acidic rain pollutants. Before commencing work on the site we thoroughly consider about choosing and implementing the most suitable method like chemical, non-chemical, abrasive or a combination of all these methods to clean façade of your building ensuring the protection against damage to the workforce, building, site and the surrounding environment.
Since façade and window cleaning usually require working aloft; we have safe working practices. Our employees working aloft have taken all the necessary training for working at height.
We won’t rest until we ensure that the façade of your building leaves a lasting impression on your clients!